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From Upayavira>
Subject Re: Posting release candidate artifacts to incubator repo
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2007 09:45:47 GMT
kelvin goodson wrote:
> Robert, thanks for that.  Can I just clarify something please.  I may be
> mistaken but I thought I had understood that the incubator repo is not
> mirrored anywhere.  If this is true one could interpret from your response
> that publishing artifacts that have not yet been approved to the incubator
> repo is a special case.  If so it would mean that the difficulties of 
> moving
> artifacts from a staged repo to the real repo would be circumvented.

Regardless of mirroring, an incubator repo implies that it contains 
releases made by the incubator PMC. A release candidate as you are 
talking about has NOT been made by the IPMC, thus cannot go in that 
repo. It should go somewhere private, where you can make it available 
just to those who will be voting upon it. Until that vote, it is just a 
tarball you happened to make. Once the vote is complete, it is an 
artifact that can go into official ASF repositories.

As Robert suggested, creating mini repo in your home directory on 
people.a.o is really the best bet.

Regards, Upayavira

> On 23/04/07, robert burrell donkin <> wrote:
>> On 4/23/07, kelvin goodson <> wrote:
>> > I had some recent comments on a release candidate I posted for
>> > consideration/voting [1].
>> > In particular the comment ...
>> >
>> > - There are no SDO artifact jars to review, are the SDO jars going 
>> to be
>> > installed to the Apache maven repository?
>> >
>> > I want to post my release artifacts to the incubator repo but I'm 
>> unsure
>> > whether this is OK.
>> i'm not sure i know the official answer but i do have a strong personal
>> opinion
>> as a release manager,  i would be uncomfortable posting an artifact
>> anywhere that is mirrored before a release vote. there are a couple of
>> reasons behind this opinion:
>> * in the event of an IP issue with the release, the manager can only
>> be helped by apache if they are acting on the instructions of apache.
>> this is only possible after a release vote.
>> * i've had bad experiences in the past trying to recall bad releases
>> from maven repositories
>> AIUI it would be possible to set up a local repository in your home
>> directory. others can then configure maven to use this. that's the
>> approach that i would take.
>> - robert
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