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From Upayavira>
Subject Re: Getting started with an incubator project
Date Sun, 18 Mar 2007 19:19:42 GMT
Frank W. Zammetti wrote:
> Hello.  I have a question about getting an outside project into the 
> incubator... I am the project lead for the DataVision project 
> (, an open-source report writing 
> tool... it may or may not actually be used by the OfBiz project (there 
> seems to be a bit of a question whether it is or not!).
> I recently wrote up a proposal for DataVision joining the ASG, and I 
> opened it up for discussion on the DataVision mailing list.  The 
> reaction was good, so I'd like to take the next step...
> ...The problem is, I'm not sure what that actually is :)
> I've spoken to a handful of ASF folk looking for a champion, because 
> that sounded like the right answer, but no luck thus far.  I've also 
> been told that having a champion isn't strictly speaking required, but 
> whether it is or isn't, I'm not sure how to proceed
> Should I perhaps post my proposal to a Wiki somewhere for comment and 
> perhaps the hope that someone wants to champion it?  Any guidance would 
> be greatly appreciated (I have received some early guidance from a 
> current ASF member, and I greatly appreciate his help, but I didn't want 
> to continue to pester him privately and I thought a post here might be 
> more appropriate)

Posting here is the right place. You need to seek at least one, 
preferably three, ASF members who can act as mentor to the project. The 
only way the ASF can grow and sustain that growth is if Apache members 
can participate in any new communities that join us.

I've no idea where you are based geographically, but if you could make 
it to an ApacheCon conference, that is usually a good place to get to 
know people and for them to get a sense of you and your project.

Good luck.

Regards, Upayavira

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