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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: [discussion] Harmony podling to ask for vote for graduation
Date Thu, 19 Oct 2006 23:21:09 GMT
Greg Stein wrote:

> can they get the community to produce a (developer) release of Harmony?

A pro-forma release would really tell us very little of that, especially
when you combined with your follow-on:

> For example, I think about all the hell the Tomcat community went
> through with the whole v3 versus v4 versus v5 debates. Or Geronimo
> trying to figure out what v1.2 meant.

Or any number of other mature projects discussing what their roadmap will
be.  This is not something that really seems to fit with the Incubator,
Greg.  These are issues that would come up far further down the community's
evolution than really warrants staying in the Incubator.

Unless we're going to follow the Microsoft Rule of Software, and not let
anything out until release 3.1.  ;-)

Seriously, we can do our best to indoctrinate and ensure ASF practices, but
there is never going to be a guaranteed predictor or vaccine against some
future evolution leading to some discord, other than the community's own

So the question is do we have a consensus that Harmony has demonstrated what
we would expect and want?  Do we collectively feel that a pro-forma release
build is going to show us something new and valuable FOR THIS PROJECT?

	--- Noel

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