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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: October 2006 Incubator Board Report (Roller and Wicket)
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2006 04:17:07 GMT
Amendments that arrived late:



Roller 3.0 work complete - We reported on the new featues of Roller
3.0 in the last status report. Roller 3.0 is now in production at
several sites and is ready for release. We are currently testing RC4
and hoping to release shortly.

Roller 3.1 nearing completion, RC1 sometime in the next week - features
- Full support for tagging weblog entries, displaying a tag cloud,
viewing blog pages by tag and providing dynamic RSS/Atom feeds based
on tags.
- Theme encapsulation: when you customize a theme the resources are
now copied into your file upload area - making custom themes
independent so they won't break when new versions of themes are
- Replaced RTE editor with more sophisticated Xinha WYSIWYG editor

Ready for graduation? - our licensing issues are behind us. We no
longer ship any LGPL components and three separate effort exist to
replace our Hibernate dependency with a non LGPL solution (using JDO,
JPA and iBatis). Apparently, all we need to do to graduate is to build
up our web presence within the incubator and migrate our bug database.

Community building efforts - Earlier efforts are bearing fruit: IBM Is
now contributing regularly to development via committer Elias Torres,
who implemented weblog entry tagging support in Roller 3.1. Dave
Johnson presented is Roller "primer for new users and contributors"
talk at ApacheCon US 2006 in Austin, TX.



Description - Web development framework focusing on pure OO coding, making
the creation of new components very easy

Date of entry - October, 2006

Top three items to resolve -

1) Remove a LGPL date picker component from Wicket-extensions 2) Work out
how community is going to manage releases (e.g should we release current
maintenance branches at SourceForge? 1.2.3->SF, 1.3->ASF, 2.0->ASF) 3)
Settle into ASF context more

Community aspects:

All bar one of Wicket's SourceForge committers have come over to Apache

About to vote in our first new committer since starting incubation

PPMC is starting to explore setting up project guidelines, for example
should committer votes be done in private/public; should all committers be
on PPMC or not)

Code aspects:

Working on completing 1.2.3 release - last release to be done at
SourceForge - before 1.3 development starts. 1.3 likely an ASF release

Work continues steadily on 2.0, also expected to be an ASF release


Need to remove/resolve a LGPL dependency in Wicket-extensions on a date
picker component


All ICLAs are signed, all accounts created, and all karma granted (still
need to get ICLA from one chap who didn't come to ASF, and to can for other
contributors that may need one)

Subversion repository successfully imported into ASF repo by Graham Rooney
(many thanks). All development work is now taking place in ASF repo.

dev, private and commits email lists moved to incubator. All development
work is happening on these lists

user list remains on SourceForge for the time being (while development
settles in. May move over to ASF once we've done a real ASF release).

Wicket Wiki ( has been ported
across to Confluence (

JIRA has been set up and bugtracking is now happening there. A
SourceForge->JIRA importer has been written, but not yet executed on Wicket

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