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From Jim Hurley <Jim.Hur...@Sun.COM>
Subject JiniProposal -> BraintreeProposal
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2006 14:44:33 GMT
Hi all-

Thank you to the 134 folks who participated in the survey
to help us determine a new name for the "Jini" project
proposal at Apache. The results are included below.

The first preference was for "aladin" (related to the "genie"
theme), but unfortunately, there are some potential TM
issues associated with that name that were uncovered
(after the survey). From people far more knowledgeable
on trademark policy, different spelling virtually never makes
enough difference in trademark circumstances. There is
already trademark around "aladdin", and therefore, we don't
feel like we should choose this name.

Going to the next preference ("djinn") also uncovered some
potential trademark issues. I also looked at variations,
including "djinni" which had similar issues. Given this, it
doesn't seem like a good choice for us as well.

The third preference ("braintree") seems fairly clean, so
we are going to go with this name for our project proposal.
I will update the wiki today. If we are successful in getting
approved as an incubator project, and this name is not
resonating, we can always change it during incubation.

Thanks, everyone, for your patience and support during
this somewhat trying naming period... once we get the
Proposal on the wiki updated, I hope we can move forward
to an incubator vote.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

thanks -Jim

Results of the 134 votes cast, along with percentage
numbers for the first 4 preferences.

1)  aladin        ( 28.80%)

2)  djinn           (18.40%)

3)  braintree    (16.00%)

4)  river            (9.60%)

5)  bodega

6) codeinmotion

7) kuiper

8) constellation, freejack, jackalope

9) biere, peace, red99, cloudscape

10) jazmin, jinius, jane, genio, particles, jiniache,
     djs, hydra, ubi, swami, iguana


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