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From "Justin Erenkrantz" <>
Subject Re: IRC chats
Date Tue, 10 Oct 2006 16:34:17 GMT
On 10/10/06, Paul Fremantle <> wrote:
> 1) we log the chats to the dev list (yes I know we always did)
> 2) If we have any proposals in the chats we explicitly send these out
> as separate notes and follow up in email to make any decisions. In
> other words the IRC chats are not formal decision making forums
> (fora?) but there to stimulate discussion.
> 3) we choose a time that is as convenient as possible to all our
> global contributors.

This is an extremely fine line to walk, so you must be prepared to be
vigilant about ensuring that you don't present the IRC discussions as
a fait accompli - and permit a true and honest discussion on-list.
All decisions need to happen on the list, or it is as if the decision
didn't occur.

Some projects in the past went through the motions you listed here,
but didn't allow discussions to happen: it was presented as more of a
"here's what we decided" instead of "here's what we're thinking of
doing, what do you think?"  And, it may even put people off just by
tone - even if you say the right words, others may get frustrated if
they can't attend the IRC meetings as it seems that their input is not

So, I'd urge against IRC chats, but if you're careful, it can work.  -- justin

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