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From Guillaume Nodet <>
Subject Re: mirroring/rsyncing the maven repos on
Date Fri, 27 Oct 2006 08:20:56 GMT

Henri Yandell wrote:
> On 10/26/06, James Strachan <> wrote:
>> With the hardware issues of lately its been a trying
>> week working on stuff in the incubator - maven builds have been
>> failing most of the week. We've also lost a few releases it seems
>> (XBean 2.7, ServiceMix 3.0 maybe others too) due to the reversal to an
>> old backup.
>> Am wondering, is it time to mirror the repos in so
>> we can insulate ourselves against future failures?
> We need to do something.
Agreed :)
We have lots of users complaining that they can not find the ServiceMix 3.0
> With regards to snapshots, one hope is to set up a central snapshot
> repository and manage it in the same way the maven central one is
> managed.
> With regards to the incubating projects - the options are pretty clear:
Note that it seems the m2 (non - incubating) repository which is currently
located at is not
backup.   That's why we have also lost the XBean 2.7 release (between the
time it was published and the next rsync).
> 1) Rsync them over to the maven central repository or central snapshot
> repository (our choice, presuming the latter is possible).
That would be great.  But I recall that some IPMC members were not
very keen on publishing podling artifacts on ibiblio.
> 2) Start managing the infrastructure for a maven repository properly.
> I'm in favour of Robert's SVN ideas - it's how we manage our
> repository at and it's never been a problem - so just
> becomes a question of whether it scales. It also lets us learn slowly
> before applying such ideas to an asf repository. There's real value in
> a repository that only has asf vetted items in and has high quality of
> releases into it, but I think we need to be doing a smaller prototype
> first.
SVN is a really good idea to store a maven repository I think.
It may even be used in addition to publishing to the central repo.

I'd like to start publishing a ServiceMix 3.0.1 release, but I really need
to know where is the maven repository that we should use, as we need
to include them in different places in the distribution so that users can
access the maven repo (it would not be needed if they were rsynced on
Could we start by publishing to our own svn repository ? ?

Guillaume Nodet
> Hen
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