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From "David Welton" <>
Subject Re: Proposal for a new incubation project: Unstructured Information Management Architecture - UIMA - project descriptions
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2006 21:21:38 GMT
> The Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA) is an
> architecture and software framework for creating, discovering, composing
> and deploying a broad range of multi-modal analysis capabilities.  We
> propose a project to develop, implement, support and enhance UIMA
> framework implementations that comply with the UIMA standard (being put
> forward concurrently for standardization within OASIS
> - not yet submitted, but we plan to do this
> early in September.).

What is a a framework for "multi-modal analysis capabilities"?

Something I would find helpful for all projects in the Apache Software
Foundation is that they have some sort of highly visible/easily
available description of what they are in terms that are clear to a
user who may not be versed in the particular technology of the
specific codebase.

To be fair, there are other projects already present in the foundation
that arent' as clear as they could be (one common irritant is
"implementation of JSR blah blah" without an explanation of what that
is or what it's good for, or a direct link to that explanation), so
I'm just using this as an opportunity to speak up, rather than citing
this as some sort of egregious violator of this principle.

> Motivation for UIMA: Databases are core components of nearly all
> applications; they store information in structured tables.  But more and
> more of the available digital data is unstructured (e.g. email, web
> documents, images, audio clips, video streams) with little information
> (metadata) attached to explain its content or context.  Although many
> applications have been built to process unstructured data, they have
> either managed it as a BLOB or they have developed isolated applications
> for analyzing the content.  In the absence of a standardized means for
> analytical applications to share insights extracted from the content,
> analytical applications cannot build upon one another. As a result, the
> industry has barely begun to tap the value locked in unstructured
> information.

Aha... I think this starts to get at what I want to know.  Personally,
were I writing this, I might consider puting this at or near the top
for the benefit of those who don't immediately recognize what the
software does.  It sounds potentially useful once I read the above.

> UIMA was built to help developers create solutions that get more value
> from unstructured information more quickly and at lower cost by making it
> easy to reuse and combine analytic modules from different sources into new
> analytic applications. The architecture and the framework have been
> validated through work with USA's DARPA which is using it as a standard
> for key projects

Some sort of example of what they've done wouldn't be bad either, but
that's just nitpicking.

David N. Welton

Linux, Open Source Consulting

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