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From Bob Scheifler <Bob.Scheif...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Jini : Separate Governance and Implementation Projects
Date Mon, 14 Aug 2006 18:56:17 GMT
Geir Magnusson Jr wrote:
>>I'm extremely reluctant to start out with two podlings.
> Why?  I think we are talking about two very different community dynamics.

For the reason I stated: I don't believe we have sufficient commitments
from people willing and able to run a broad-based standards process.

The community dynamics around "standards" and "an implementation"
may well be very different, but I'm not suggesting that we try to
maintain "standards" going forward, just that we try to maintain
a separation between "interface" and "implementation".

> How would it work?  Would you give every committer a vote on the specs
> as they were created?  What is the hurdle needed to get committer
> status?  Participation in both?  We understand how to do code
> communities here at the ASF, and no experience in how to do spec
> creation/governance.

Isn't a key purpose of incubation to work out the process?
Is it OK if we don't have all of the answers up front?
Within the Sun team that created most of the specs and code
that are being proposed as the starting point for the project,
to my mind the development process for the two has pretty much
been the same.  The questions about committer votes and status
for specs vs code seem the same as those for component A vs
component B in a multi-component project.  At the risk over
oversimplification, if I view a spec as "Java interface plus
javadoc", and an implementation as "Java class plus javadoc",
they are both code plus doc, amenable to the same overall process.

- Bob

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