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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: [policy] incubating projects and maven repositories v1.0
Date Thu, 31 Aug 2006 12:33:51 GMT
On Wed, Aug 30, 2006 at 10:41:05AM -0700, Justin Erenkrantz wrote:
> On 8/30/06, Dan Diephouse <> wrote:
> >Well it can be run around right now too. I as a user of an incubating
> >project can request that a jar be uploaded to ibiblio. The incubator and
> >ibiblio policies are distinct. Unless the incubator can enforce policy
> >on the Ibiblio/Maven project for them to police the artifacts, they can
> >currently be redistributed on Ibiblio, it is just an extra pain for me
> >as a user.

<silly>And a naughty little user you would be. Stop running around and be
nice now. Shoosh! Shoosh!</silly>

> As I understand it, the ibiblio repository is under the de facto
> control of the Maven PMC.

The instructions for getting stuff up there are on the apache maven
site. They basically come down to a set of technical instructions for
how to interface with the jira hosted at codehaus. The relevant
jira projects are adminned by Jason van Zyl, Carlos Sanchez seems to
be processing the vast majority of the requests, with Brett Porter
chipping in every now and then.

So, yes, that seems a fair assessment.

However, ibiblio does sync automatically sync with various repositories
*not* under the control (codehaus, jetty, opensymphony, os java) of the
maven PMC, so control is shared with other open source groups.

> So, if the policy was that only project
> owners can upload the JARs, that would be respected.  -- justin

The written policy is only about the technical steps needed. In practice,
it seems the repo administrators do do *some* kind of quality control. For
example, if a user uploads new jars for - say- tomcat, he'll often get
told to work with the tomcat developers to just fix the main "pom" files
(which defines how jars are built, named, versioned, published, etc).

I doubt that if the incubator PMC would ask the maven PMC to apply a
patch to their technical policy which says "please do not request the
upload of jars from the apache incubator" they would refuse it, but I
suspect they may not want to be held responsible for enforcing it. The
ibiblio repo just isn't audited right now or held subject to similar
policies as the ASF /dist/ location. Eg they potentially would need to go
after opensymphony for putting incubator jars in their repositories, which
are synced to ibiblio. HenkP can share stories of exactly how much work all
that really is. Of course, the opensymphony folks are not going to do
something silly like that, so there's no *real* issue, just a potential

If we do want that kind of auditing to happen, I suspect the dialogue
should go onto dev@maven or user(s)@maven so the people that do the repo
admin work are involved.

I know I gave up on this kind of agreed-on quality control for the ASF
releases a long time ago. Now I just try and make it policy that ibiblio is
not used for the projects I work on. *ducks*


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