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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] InfoEng project proposal
Date Fri, 25 Aug 2006 10:52:47 GMT
Hi J. (?)

I managed to read this proposal all the way to the end, but I simply
have no real clue what you're on about, what this software actually *does*,
or why anyone should care. I looked around using google and found, among
other things, found,

where you wrote:

  "The simplest possibility for usage of information currency is to
pay software developers by purchasing the information currency they
generate by writing software. To illustrate, in today's world, many (but
not all :) software developers have jobs where they are compensated for
writing software. In the simplest case, a developer is today paid, for
example, $2000/week for being an employee, and their future pay and
continued employment are dependent on the quality of their work,
determined after they are paid. "

Which for me reduces down to "you use software to calculate some
economic value for digital information (such as source code), and then
you can do stuff economists do", which brings up memories of programmers
being paid for every line of code they write, which is a bad idea.

Regardless, IMHO this kind of software doesn't belong at apache since we're
all about creating value (both in economic and non-economic sense) *without*
measuring or turning it into any kind of currency.

take care!


PS: As an aside, if you want something like this to become successful "on the
web", I really suggest you find someone to help you with turning your ideas
(of which there seem to be loads in InfoEng) into words in a way that more
people can readily understand. The common phrase used to describe this stuff
is "technical writing", and there's also lots of resources online about it,

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