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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] Blaze
Date Wed, 19 Jul 2006 19:50:25 GMT
On 7/19/06, Paul Fremantle <> wrote:
> > Currently ActiveMQ has several C/C++ clients (with another client
> > library waiting to get through the  donator's lawyers), so it might
> > make sense at some point to try unify the C++ clients together too so
> > users have a single C++ API for their messaging client and then a
> > number of implentations/transports/protocols to use at deployment
> > time. i.e. making a JMS for C++ API. (We've got a good start called
> > CMS in ActiveMQ...)
> I agree that a C++ (and also C) rendering of a JMS like API is going
> to be a very useful thing.
> James - do you have any idea how CMS matches or differs from IBM's XMS
> (
> XMS is also a rendering of JMS into C/C#/C++.

Thanks for the link! I've had a quick look and it looks remarkably
close to the current CMS client. Hardly surprising I guess since they
are both kinda clones of the JMS API but in C++ and using JMS 1.1 and
mostly ignoring the crappy bits of JMS 1.0.2b :)

I couldn't see the C# client so not sure if we differ a bit there - we
ended up changing the C# client a little from JMS to make use of C#
coding conventions and features (like delegates and events etc) - and
we followed that sucky C# practice of naming interfaces IConnection
etc :). Not sure if the XMS in C# does the same. (We imaginatively
called the C# client NMS for .Net Messaging System).

I wonder if IBM and the XMS folks would be interested in donating the
*API* code for XMS to Apache and working with other folks at Apache so
we can merge some of the C/C++/C# clients together into a single
reuable client API with pluggable providers (and maybe even some
resuable optional implementation code different implementations could
choose to reuse)?

There's clearly a delta between AMQP and the features of JMS, but even
if we just get the core JMS semantics reusable across the clients it'd
be a big win IMHO.

> I think it would be interesting to see a confluence of the APIs and
> protocols between ActiveMQ and Blaze giving interoperability in both
> code and on the wire.



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