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From "Paul Fremantle" <>
Subject Re: piling on
Date Thu, 20 Jul 2006 22:32:01 GMT
> Sure, and that is up to the proposer.  If the proposal does not gain
> sufficient support from Apache because of that fact, that's life.
> Nevertheless, it is wrong for us to force a new podling to accept
> arbitrary committers just because they happen to have been proposed
> as an incubator podling.

+1. I've never seen that happen. Admittedly I'm fairly new round here
but I've never seen a podling forced to accept committers.

> > 2) Apache Committers, from whatever different project, have at some
> > point proved their worth in some way. In general I would expect them
> > to be a welcome addition to an incubator project. If nothing else they
> > have some idea of the Apache model and approach.
> Sorry, not a chance in hell.  Each project at Apache has its own sense
> of what makes for a good contributor.

True, and its up to the podling to figure out their own approach.
Having some people from other projects has been known to help.

> Some of them hand out commit
> access to anyone with a vague idea of contributing.

And some incubation proposals hand out "proposed committers" to anyone
with a vague idea of contributing.

> Some of those
> "committers" have proven to have no clue whatsoever when it comes to
> handling Apache-style decision making.

Just like some of the new committers.

> > So I favour the active approach.
> I do not.  Each community needs to construct itself and nobody here,
> including me, has the right to declare themselves part of a new
> community without being invited first.

Its a wiki. Its designed to be edited. That's how it works. Adding
your name to a pre-proposal that is being edited isn't "declaring
yourself part of a community". Its volunteering. It ought be matched
with a note to the mailing list, and if the proposer isn't comfortable
he should edit it out.

The final proposal that is voted on is whatever the proposer sends
out.  Anyone trying to force the proposer to do something they aren't
comfortable with is out of order. I've never seen that happen.


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