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From "Matthias Wessendorf" <>
Subject Re: Maven 2 repo for incubating project releases?
Date Thu, 27 Jul 2006 17:02:07 GMT
> Actually thats a good argument for using a single maven 2 repository
> for incubating and non-incubating releases and forcing the use of the
> 'incubator/incubating' text in the version of incubating projects
> releases. As it means if you are looking at the POM its immediately
> obvious what the incubating status is - whereaas its not obvious if
> you are using different repositories (since Maven can use many remote
> repositories taken from the current pom or a super-pom and so from a
> pom its not completely obvious what comes from where etc).

Hi James,

What we do currently (trying to name the versions righ) is:

  <name>Apache Incubator Trinidad Podling</name>

incubator +
m1 = milestone1
+ SNAPSHOT (since no m1 release yet)

m1 has sorta *historic* reasons; when we (MyFaces) started there was
Geronimo in incubation; they used milestone  b/c not a fullblown J2EE
1.4 container. MyFaces also was not certified. Since we - the MyFaces
PMC - had good experience with the milestone; we keept it for Trinidad
as well.

What I more like that a seperate maven1/2 repo is maybe a incubator
continuum server.
Currently Trinidad uses that MyFaces continuum server.

What do you think?


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