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From Dan Diephouse <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] [UPDATE] CeltiXfire Project Proposal
Date Fri, 21 Jul 2006 17:11:42 GMT
Sanjiva Weerawarana wrote:
> On Wed, 2006-07-19 at 21:28 -0400, Dan Diephouse wrote:
>>> +1 Noel. I'd like to join the PPMC too as an interested party observer.
>>> I will poke my nose in as a mentor when possible but don't have the
>>> cycles to commit to it.
>> Hi Sanjiva,
>> I'm confused, you're saying you don't have the time to commit to it, but 
>> you want to be one? Mentors have some very concrete responsibilities:
> You misunderstood as I wasn't clear: I used "mentor" in the English
> sense and not in the "Mentor" role sense. You know, like give some
> suggestions and maybe even unsolicited advice here and there. I've done
> that to various projects .. whether I'm a Mentor or not. No one is
> required to take such advice seriously.
That makes more sense now.
>> While I value your feedback and input, if you don't have enough time, I 
>> don't understand why you should be a mentor. We have 4 mentors already, 
>> and from a logistical standpoint I find it hard to keep up with. Each 
>> mentor tends to have a different opinion or different input.  While more 
>> input can be great, it can easily get to the point of overload and 
>> impedes Getting Stuff Done. :-)
> The Getting Stuff Done part in the project is restricted to the
> technical part - mentoring is not about getting stuff done. I know a
> thing or two about the technical area Dan and I darned well will have
> input on it. Do you see that as a problem too? 
As I said in the previous message, I value your input. My comment about 
the mentors and lots of opinions was more in reference to non technical 
things, like the art of writing an Apache Incubator proposal.
> Mentors are not there to give input on technical stuff. They are around
> to ensure that the project behaves and acts as an ASF project (over
> time)- if you are saying that you don't want any pontificating advice
> from me on how to run the project, that's totally fine. I have no desire
> to poke my nose in if its not welcome .. what I said in my email is that
> I don't have the time to take the "Mentor" role but that I will mentor
> where I see something not quite koshure but if that's a problem/concern
> all is ok fine with me.
I hope you will poke your nose in, just as I read the axis list and try 
to poke my nose in there.

- Dan

Dan Diephouse
Envoi Solutions

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