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From "Yoav Shapira" <>
Subject Re: primary email, balanced use of IRC
Date Sun, 25 Jun 2006 00:04:04 GMT
I also wanted to chime in on another aspect of this besides everything
Martin, Phil, et al have said. (and I completely agree with their
cautions / questions).

Having a regularly-scheduled meeting could easily feel like an
obligation, as in if you don't participate in the meetings you're not
part of the community.  Besides feeling corporate, I think this would
be a negative effect on attracting new contributors, because the
consideration of scheduling time for this meeting would cross their
minds.  In other words, even if it's fine for all existing committers
because they spend large chunks of their work time on XAP anyhow, it
would be a barrier to growing the community and diversifying it.

I'm not just being abstract, by the way: this is from my personal
feelings.  I think XAP is a cool idea, it's a is a project I'm
interested in, and would want to contribute occasionally.
But I don't have the bandwidth to commit regular hours to it, and the
corporate feel of regularly scheduled meetings is a turn off for me.

It could be I'm unusual in this annoyance with regularly scheduled
meetings, I don't know.  But I would urge the XAP PPMC to consider the
impact of these meetings on potential new contributors who have a lot
of other projects to which they could devote their limited bandwidth.


On 6/24/06, Phil Steitz <> wrote:
> On 6/23/06, David Crossley <> wrote:
> <snip/>
> >
> > Being there in real time is also difficult.
> >
> This effectively cuts out a lot of people.  For partly selfish
> reasons, I would hate to see apache projects trend toward more
> synchronous communications requirements.
> > That is why the summary is so important.
> >
> <snip/>
> >
> Have any communities consistently turned summaries into discussions?
> Have people been able to "jump in" to archived IRC log discussions
> meaningfully?  Take these as naive questions from someone with limited
> experience reading / interacting with IRC logs or participating in IRC
> discussions.
> Phil
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