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From "Recordon, David" <>
Subject RE: [PROPOSAL] Heraldry Identity Project
Date Wed, 28 Jun 2006 09:41:32 GMT
Ah yes, in that case we certainly would have wanted to use code from the Web Services project.
 OSIS has changed a bit over the past few weeks as other projects have evolved and I posted
an update about this at (

So as it stands right now, the Heraldry project would not be developing its own desktop component.
 Rather, we'll take advantage of the work being done by the Higgins Project within Eclipse
since they are interested in integrating OpenID as another protocol in their identity selector.
 I think we're certainly interested in looking at creating an identity selector within Apache,
if there is interest to do so, but the advice we've received is to start out with a tighter
scope for the project.  The proposal on the wiki has been updated to reflect all of this.


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From: Ruchith Fernando []
Sent: Tue 6/27/2006 9:15 PM
Subject: Re: [PROPOSAL] Heraldry Identity Project
Hi David,

Thanks for the reply...

I was specifically interested in Heraldry Identity Project's
integration with Windows CardSpace (InfoCard). IMHO InfoCard uses
WS-Trust as the protocol to exchange tokens and I'd like to know your
approach to integrating with InfoCard. Is it simply going to depend on
the OSIS implementation?

Since OSIS is mentioned as one of the initial source items and since
its in its very early stages , seems like most of the development is
going to happen within the Heraldry project in Apache. If this is the
case what will be the SOAP and WS-* implementations used in OSIS?


On 6/27/06, Recordon, David <> wrote:
> Hi Ruchith,
> I spoke with Davanum this afternoon at ApacheCon and he asked the same question.  Initially,
the code around the Yadis and OpenID protocols do not use any of the WS-* stack.  To be quite
honest, the requirements of WS-Trust is considered "heavier" than what this part of the community
is looking for.  This certainly isn't to say that we're not interested in re-using code within
the Apache community, we don't want to rewrite things for no reason. :)
> If you haven't, you should take a look at the Higgins Project within Eclipse (
 They are working to implement an Open Source identity selector for both the browser and desktop.
 They've started with a FireFox browser extension as the selector and have integration with
Microsoft CardSpace working.  We'll be working with them in July to add support in Higgins
for the OpenID Protocol as well.
> --David
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> From: Ruchith Fernando []
> Sent: Thu 6/22/2006 6:13 AM
> To:
> Subject: Re: [PROPOSAL] Heraldry Identity Project
> Hi,
> > Proposal
> > ------------------
> > This is a proposal to create a project within the Apache Software
> > Foundation to develop technologies around the emerging user-centric
> > identity space.
> >
> > The project would start with Yadis [1] for URL/XRI-based service
> > discovery, OpenID [2] for web based single-sign-on and the basis of
> > exchanging profile data, and to create a desktop component with a
> > standard look and feel, ideally working with the Open Source Identity
> > Selector (OSIS) [3] project.  We are currently working with those
> > involved in the OSIS project to determine if it would be possible, and
> > they willing, to integrate their effort as a part of this one.  If not,
> > we still see the value of having a desktop component of this
> > infrastructure.  The project would be tasked with the further
> > development of these technologies as well as creating a bridge between
> > the light-weight URL/XRI based identity technologies and the desktop.
> Within the Apache Webservices project we are implementing WS-Security,
> WS-SecureConversation WS-SecurityPolicy and WS-Trust specifications
> (in Java, C and PHP) and we are also working our way towards
> developing the infrastructure which will enable InfoCard
> functionality.I'm wondering whether there are any plans of reusing any
> of the available impls in the Heraldry/OSIS project?
> Thanks,
> Ruchith
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