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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: Branding of Incubator projects
Date Thu, 29 Jun 2006 00:31:22 GMT
Justin Erenkrantz wrote:
> 5. Until the Incubator PMC approves a podling proposal *and* the
> podling initial drop code is in our source code repositories, a
> project or any affiliated persons SHOULD NOT issue any 'press
> releases' or affirmatively seek positive publicity (such as 'seeding
> news stories') .

While I don't necessarily disagree with this guideline it doesn't
seem that it belongs here. Until a project is accepted no formal
relationship between the proposer and the ASF exists (right?), so
this guideline cannot be enforced or even expected to be known to
the proposing party. (It only seems to apply to the typically
narrow window between the acceptance of a project and the code

> 6. The Apache PRC SHALL affirmatively and publicly respond to any such
> inaccurate publicity surrounding podlings.

I'm not quite comfortable with the word inaccurate here. What
exactly does it refer to? (Assuming it's bullet 5, there doesn't
seem anything inaccurate about putting out a press release
announcing the proposal of a project, ill-advised though it
may be.)

This also seems like a catch 22. Until a proposal has been accepted
there is no podling to speak of, so the proposer can do whatever
they want (including put out a press release announcing it). And
I don't see anything wrong with doing that (although I suspect
that most companies will want to avoid any press until their
proposal has been accepted). I guess I'm missing the point of
this bullet (the ASF PRC can respond to any PR in any case).


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