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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: Various
Date Fri, 23 Jun 2006 08:26:27 GMT
Hani Suleiman wrote:
> I'm fairly astounded by the amount of email generated due to my name 
> being on the initial committer list.
> [...] I'm sorry that you can't take a little criticism, 
> and while I will happily admit that yes, I did insult you in ways that 
> you probably didn't quite expect, I fully stand by everything I said, 
> and will still insist that Axis2 and Tomcat are awful projects

And I strongly believe that if that's what you had blogged, there really
would be no [legitimate] objections in this discussion.

> Apache would be the first organisation I've joined (or might have 
> joined) that did not judge me on technical merit;

And technical merit, or debate on technical issues (like you identified
in your rants) is *entirely* the appropriate consideration.

But you have reread your blog entries a few times to recognize that you
-far- exceeded technical objections and ranting?  If your blog entries are
any indication, you have no issue with lowering the conversation to the
level of personal assualts and attacks on individuals, instead of being
*appropriately* hot and bothered over technical issues and the resulting code.

Your flowerful adjectives aside, if you spoke to the code, and not the coders,
nobody would point to your blog and suggest 'hey, this really wouldn't be a
very good person to have participate here'.

We have had participants in the past who focus on persons instead of issues.
And these participants have consistently caused more damage to the code by
fracturing the community than they put out in effective LoC.

If rather than defending your right to say "Apache FOO Sucks" (which you have,
within or outside of the ASF) - if your email addresses the issue of this
apparent inability to decouple the code from the coders (who you effectively
slam), then perhaps some on this list will be reassured you can work within
a community and debate the message without killing the messenger?

This is not an issue of towing party lines, consistently nodding your head yes
like a robot, or even the ability to play nice.  It is about a fundamental
respect for your fellow coders, even when you detest what they create.


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