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From Jochen Wiedmann <>
Subject Re: Various
Date Fri, 23 Jun 2006 05:16:18 GMT
Hani Suleiman wrote:

> Just to set expectations, I will not stop saying things like 'Apache
> sucks', because I still do think that many of the processes and members
> have some terrible flaws.

I do not think, that I'm gonna like Hani (one should not mismatch "telling
the truth" and impoliteness, they may be related sometimes, but they can
live without each other), but as long as his activities are within the
project, then I do think that it is up to the project to decide, whether
they want him as a committer or not.

The reason is simple: Within a certain boundary, a developers visibility
(and vision, for that matter), are restricted to the project. A developers
personal style may possibly harm the other developers, contributors, and
users, but then: It is up to them whether they can live with it or not. For
that matter, *they* are the community, and not Apache members, or developers
who live in another project.

Of course, there *is* a boundary. For example, one could not tolerate, if a
committer would knowingly violate other people's copyrights or abuse his
accounts. But such things aren't the subject of this discussion.

Look at it like this: If Hani's name weren't on the initial list of
committers, but he we coopted later, then the whole discussion would not
arise. And I cannot see, why we should distinguish between these cases.


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