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From "robert burrell donkin" <>
Subject Re: XAP (Extensible Ajax Platform) Proposal
Date Sat, 20 May 2006 12:08:11 GMT
On 5/18/06, Coach Wei <> wrote:
> Noel:
> Thanks for the comments. Very well put about what you would like to see
> XAP become - I see the same thing as well. I'd like this project to be
> as successful as possible with precisely the goal you quoted.  I don't
> think it would be as successful as it could be if it stayed tied to its
> Nexaweb roots.  One of the reasons of proposing this project at Apache
> is to bring in all those other good ideas with a broad dev and user
> community to keep it going.

good :)

just a little note on email style: it's conventional here to cut out as much
cruft as possible (whilst retaining context) when replying.  this leads to
more concise threads. we prefer comments mix in (rather than a top comment
with unedited comments at the bottom -our lists are heavily mirrored and it
should be easy for most readers to find previous posts).
this allow people with only a marginal interest being able to keep up and
jump in with interesting comments.

For example:
> On 5/18/06, Craeg Strong <> wrote:
> > For me, I would like to see added the ability to employ XSLT on the
> > server side to pre-generate DHTML pages from XAP page templates,
> > especially for initial page loads.
> I think this is a good suggestion. This can be done and it would work
> well with XAP.

(i'm starting from a position of ignorance, so i'm hoping folks out there
will feel free to jump in and shoot down my misunderstandings...)

sounds like an initial step would be work out what can be factored out and
what's core to XAP. focussed, lightweight extensible frameworks supported by
libraries usually work better than monolithic ones especially in open
source. good stard for collaboration, too.

Regard to the question of "Where is the binding for client events
> connecting to the server-side model, be it tying into a JSF framework or
> binding to a WSDL-defined service?":
> 1. Client events connect to server side resources via normal HTTP
> request/response to a server side URL. As a result, server side can be
> JSF, JSP, Servlet, ASP, ASP.NET or just pure static pages.

 sounds like the engine could really be driven from any reasonable source of
XML. it might be possible to use XAP on a fat client with embedded browser
without the need for an embedded html server (if factored correctly).

2. Dojo and Kabuki all provide ways to connect to server side via SOAP
> or JSON like interface - such things would be supported by XAP as well.

could this support be factored out?

the application reads like the declarative style is the core feature of XAP.
this makes sense since it fills a complementary niche.

taking a quick glance at google's offering made me wonder about widget sets.
one of the advantages of a declarative model is that it sounds like it
should be possible to support different skins using different widget sets.

- robert

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