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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: The Process of New Committers
Date Sun, 14 May 2006 14:32:50 GMT
Leo Simons wrote:

> Noel J. Bergman wrote:
> > When a PPMC decides to vote, it should post a note to the
> > Incubator PMC to let the PMC as a whole know about the vote.

> You mean before the vote, after the vote, before results are
> announced, after it, or is taking care of this with a CC on
> the request of the creation of an account enough?

I mean that if you are having a vote, just let the rest of the PMC know
about it.  We don't vote in dark corners (discussing potential committers in
private so as to avoid embarrassment and facilitate honest discussion,
aside).  The PMC is collectively responsible for all projects under
Incubation, and ought to be kept aware of what is happening.  Do you have a
concern about that?

> with harmony we seem to have consistently had enough incubator
> PMC members active on the PPMC list to get enough binding +1s

That's fine, and frankly, that's also behind the recommendation to have at
least three (3) Mentors on each PPMC.  Allows each PPMC to be as nimble as
necessary.  Mind you, if a project doesn't have at least three PMC Members
monitoring the list, then it won't have sufficient binding votes without the
rest of the PMC knowing, anyway.

	--- Noel

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