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From "Nick Lothian" <>
Subject RE: ARI, Atom Reference Implementation [Proposal]
Date Fri, 26 May 2006 01:26:12 GMT
> Nick Lothian wrote:
> > There's also Jakarta FeedParser, which has an Atom parser.
> > Also the ROME project ( has been debating 
> > requesting incubation at Apache for quite a long time. We've got an 
> > Atom parser, too.
> IIRC, FeedParser is languishing for need of a community.  
> Roller also has an Atom parser, AIUI.  Is there any desire to 
> combine forces in this domain?  I saw Dave Johnson expressing 
> interest in this proposal, too.

(I'm CC-ing ROME dev on this)

I believe that Roller uses ROME for its feed parser (although I think
Dave has written a client for Atom Publishing Protocol separatly). In
any case, he certianly is a ROME committer (he wrote ROME's Atom 1.0

I am certain that the ROME developers would react positivly to any
proposal to combine forces. It would be unfortunate to end up with
Yet-Another-Java-Syndication API just because no one thought to try and
combine them.

OTOH, ROME's mission is slightly different to this proposal. ROME is
designed to be the best possible API for syndication format. That means
support for all the RSS "standards" and - increasingly - a degree of
leinency in parsing. 


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