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From "Coach Wei" <>
Subject RE: XAP (Extensible Ajax Platform) Proposal
Date Wed, 17 May 2006 14:16:18 GMT
OpenAjax is an alliance of various industry participants interested in
advancing the adoption of Ajax technologies by lowering the risk and
cost of using Ajax. Open source is an important mean from OpenAjax
Alliance's perspective to promote interoperability and wide adoption. 

The alliance has about 30 members including IBM, BEA, Oracle, Zimbra
(who contributed their Ajax Toolkit to Apache as Apache Kabuki), Nexaweb
(where XAP originated from), Yahoo, Google, Dojo Foundation (whose Dojo
Toolkit is an important component), Mozilla Foundation, etc. The group
doesn't have a website yet (that means you won't be able to find the
right destination from Google search) and we just had our first meeting
this week. Here is InformationWeek's coverage on OpenAjax recently (XAP
is mentioned in this article):


-----Original Message-----
From: robert burrell donkin [] 
Sent: Wednesday, May 17, 2006 8:23 AM
Subject: Re: XAP (Extensible Ajax Platform) Proposal

On 5/16/06, Coach Wei <> wrote:
> Thanks Robert for volunteering to be a mentor for XAP. I'll add you to
> the proposal soon.
> I am actually at the OpenAjax meeting with quite a few other people in
> the Ajax community - we are all interested in advancing the adoption
> Ajax technologies. Here is what we are aiming for:
> 1. Preserving the multi-browser and multi-platform benefits of the
> 2. Leveraging open standards and open source to increase overall
> interoperability of Ajax based solutions; 3. Decreasing the risk and
> total cost to adopter of delivering compelling user experiences.

had a quick google. there seems to be a few distinct same named memes.
you outline the context and background a little more?

I'll be interested in hearing what Apache community thinks about the
> above goals for openAjax, and further, comments related to XAP as

i'm a very long way short of being an AJAX expert. not sure that XAP has
really appeared on the radar of those who are involved and knowledgable
AJAX here at apache. (one of the unresolved issues we have at apache is
to keep interested people informed about cross-project issues.)

- robert

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