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From "Bruce Snyder" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Incubator PMC to approve ActiveMQ 4.0 Release
Date Sat, 27 May 2006 15:19:27 GMT
On 5/27/06, Jim Jagielski <> wrote:
> README.txt and userGuide.html (at least) should be updated to
> reflect Apache ActiveMQ, not just 'ActiveMQ'
> Is STATUS appropriate to be bundled in the release?

I've found some information on the STATUS file but I think I'm missing
something because I can find info about the HTML status file, but
nothing on the STATUS file checked into the Subversion repo. I'm
trying to understand the redundancy and your query about
appropriateness. Below is what I have found:

• The Incubator Process Description page states that with an upcoming
assessment it is generally a good idea to have your STATUS file right
up to-date (

• The Incubation Policy page states that every project has an
incubation status file under

Could you point out the docs on the difference between the two and the
appropriateness of the STATUS file?


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