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From Sam Ruby <>
Subject [VOTE] Incubator to sponsor and accept Abdera for incubation
Date Thu, 01 Jun 2006 01:13:25 GMT
This proposal seems to have generated a lot of geniune interest, so now
I'm calling for a vote for the Incubator to formally accept it.

A few editorial comments: at this point, I have little doubt that this
codebase will attract a diverse and sustainable community.  My concern
is now the reverse: seeing talks of Rome join in and there being talk of
these two merging with Roller... seems both very exciting... as well a
bit premature.

In my mind, the best way to find out what shape the community will take
is to watch it incubate.  Therefore, I'd like to explicitly propose that
we neither predetermine nor rule out any possible destination for this.
 It could become a TLP.  It could merge with Rome and/or other feed
libraries, if they get proposed to the ASF.  It could all get subsumed
into Roller.  My initial concerns are, respectively, critical mass,
potentially divergent goals, and Umbrella -- each, of course, could be
addressed/mitigated, that's why I am recommendating that we defer this
decision until we have had a chance to observe the community.  (Note:
this is not a new idea, I've suggested it on number of occasions before).

With all that said, here's my


- Sam Ruby

 - - -

>From :

## page was renamed from AriProposal
= Abdera, an Atom Implementation Proposal =

== 0. Rationale ==

The fundamental goal of the project is to provide a high-quality and
functionally-complete implementation of the Atom Syndication Format
(RFC4287) and the Atom Publishing Protocol specifications published by
the IETF Atompub working group.

(the ancient city of Abdera, Thrace was the birthplace of the Greek
Philosopher Democritus, one of the
[ co-originators of "atomism"])

== 0.1 Criteria ==

=== Meritocracy: ===

Apache was chosen for an incubator for the guidance the community can

=== Community: ===

The contributed work was inspired by open source development and by the
need to have functionally complete implementations of the Atom
specifications available for developers to use.  To be successful, the
project needs to build a strong and diverse community to validate its
mission and carry it forward. Further, the project needs to be guided by
the same general principles of open and transparent development that has
helped to shape the standards upon which the project is based.

=== Core Developers: ===

The initial committers for the project are employees of the donating
company. Two of the developers have worked on open source projects
before and have experience with and a deep understanding of open source

=== Alignment: ===

The initial code has been implemented in Java and is based primarily on
the same Apache Axiom / StAX XML parsing API that underpins the Apache
Axis2 project.  As such, the implementations draws heavily on the work
of other existing Apache projects and will continue to do so.

== 0.2 Warning signs ==

=== Orphaned products: ===

The initial committers are users of this toolkit and have a long-term
interest in use and maintenance of the code.

=== Inexperience with open source: ===

Several of the commiters are very experienced in Open Source
environment. All efforts have and will be made to ensure that the work
done and momentum will be in strict adherence to open source guidelines.

=== Homogenous developers: ===

As noted above, the initial list of developers consists of paid
employees of the donating company.  However, efforts will be made to
actively expand the team of developers committing to the project.

The current list of committers bring with them a broad range of
experiences with open source, standards, emerging technologies, and
product development.

=== Reliance on salaried developers: ===

The initial set of committers are salaried developers. Through the
incubation process, more diversity will hopefully be achieved in many
aspects, including reliance on salaried developers.

=== No ties to other Apache products: ===

The initial codebase relies heavily on existing Apache technologies and
will continue to do so.

=== A fascination with the Apache brand: ===

The committers are intent on developing a strong open source community.
We believe that the Apache Software Foundation's emphasis on community
development makes it the most suitable choice.

== 1. Scope of the subprojects ==

The initial scope of the project will be the development of a
functionally-complete Java-language implementation of the Atom
Syndication Format and Atom Publishing Protocol specifications, along
with a selection of extensions and utility functions.  It is expected,
however, that C/C++ and possibly other language implementations will be
explored in the future.

The Atom Syndication Format implementation will include a
high-performance parser and serializer for Atom documents, a set of
API's for working with the Atom data model, support for a variety of
extensions to the Atom format, and support for various advanced features
such as XPath, XML Digital Signatures, Feed paging, etc.

The Atom Publishing Protocol implementation will include both client and
server implementations designed with the dual purpose of demonstrating
the proper function of the protocol and providing the tools necessary to
build and deploy Atom Publishing-based applications.

== 2. Initial source ==

The initial source for the project was originally written to address the
needs of the donating company's own internal Atom development
activities.  A snapshot of the initial source is available at

== 2.1 External Dependencies of the project ==

The current implemenation depends on the following components:

 * Apache Axiom 1.0
 * The Woodstox XML Parser
 * Java Activation Framework (JAF) and JavaMail API
 * Jaxen (optional for XPath support)
 * Junit (for unit testing)
 * Apache Ant (for the build)

== 3. Identify the ASF resources to be created ==

== 3.1 mailing list(s) ==

 * abdera-ppmc (moderated subscriptions)
 * abdera-dev
 * abdera-commits
 * abdera-user

== 3.2 Subversion repository ==


== 3.3 Bugzilla ==

 * Abdera

== 4. Identify the initial set of committers: ==

 * James M Snell (IBM)
 * Sam Ruby (IBM)
 * Robert Yates (IBM)

== 5. Identify Apache sponsoring individual ==

We request that the Apache Incubator PMC sponsor the Abdera Atom
implementation as an incubating project.

Champion: Sam Ruby


 * Garrett Rooney
 * Paul Querna

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