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From "Yoav Shapira" <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Open JPA
Date Thu, 09 Mar 2006 14:36:33 GMT
I don't agree with everything you said, but I have faith.  So I'm
going to let go of this topic for now (as I've said along, I didn't
and won't -1 anything at this stage), but I sure will be looking for
great test coverage and documentation from OpenJPA ;)  Hopefully
something we can cite as an example for future projects to come...


On 3/9/06, Geir Magnusson Jr <> wrote:
> Yoav Shapira wrote:
> > So we agree that we allow the current proposed committer list as-is,
> > but when we look at graduation from the incubator we examine test case
> > and documentation as well as the product source code itself, because
> > by bringing these people in as committers through the incubator, the
> > OpenJPA team commits to working on test cases and documentation as
> > much as product code?
> I certainly still believe that we bring the committer list as proposed,
> with any further additions by the Apache community.
> However, I absolutely don't believe that at graduation we need to
> closely examine the assets of the project to make some judgment about
> individuals as committers.  Can you imagine if we judged all source?
> ("Hey, you overuse Singletons, and quite frankly, I perfer XMLBeans over
> JAXB.  You don't do enough javadoc, and your spelling stinks...")
> Why?  Because (to me, anyway) the point of incubation is figuring out
> how to work as a meritocratic community of peers, and learning how (as
> the PPMC) to govern the project in the Apache fashion, to know our IP
> rules and processes, etc.
> If I believe that those high-level things have been achieved, I
> therefore must extend trust to the mature podling that they have the
> low-level, detailed issues of committer participation, code, docs, test
> cases, and others reasonably well in hand.
> geir
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