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From "Yoav Shapira" <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Open JPA
Date Wed, 08 Mar 2006 22:18:42 GMT

> > I also suppose we can always review the status of documentation and
> > test cases at the end of incubation, see who did what, and accordingly
> > adjust the commiter list during incubator graduation?
> isn't this really an issue about the bootstrapping committer lists?

Yes.  The thing that brought up the bells in this case is the number
of people who fit into these categories on the proposed initial
committer list.  Have we had a project accepted into incubation before
where a sizable portion of the initial committer list fits these

> should there be any difference between a coder who hasn't hacked a
> line and a documentor who hasn't written a word?

There at least one key difference: because code donation, inspection,
and cleanup is part of the incubation process, we can assess the
technical merits of the code and therefore its writers.

IIRC the proposal mentioned BEA will be donating the initial code
base.  If the BEA donation comes with documentation and and test cases
written by the proposed folks, that's great.  If not, isn't it the
same as Joe Q Random saying he intends to write documentation, in
which case we tell him/her to submit a patch via JIRA?

Yoav Shapira
Senior Architect
Nimalex LLC
1 Mifflin Place, Suite 310
Cambridge, MA, USA /

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