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From "Yoav Shapira" <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Open JPA
Date Wed, 08 Mar 2006 21:49:48 GMT

> it's easy to get good open source coders: it's much harder to find
> good documentors who are willing to contribute to open source
> projects. demand for good documentation is always high but supply is
> typically low. i'm willing to cut good documentors much more slack
> than coders.

Hypothetically, does slack == commit privileges, or do we want to set
the bar for committership higher?

If Joe Q. Random emailed us saying he thinks [some currently in
incubation project] is great and he's a technical writer and would
like commit access so that he can write up the docs for it, would he
get that access?  Probably not, but the difference here is that the
proposed documentors and QA people are already part of the team, so
they're not random...

I also suppose we can always review the status of documentation and
test cases at the end of incubation, see who did what, and accordingly
adjust the commiter list during incubator graduation?


Yoav Shapira
Senior Architect
Nimalex LLC
1 Mifflin Place, Suite 310
Cambridge, MA, USA /

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