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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject Re: Non-final materials in final ASF materials (was: Re: ActiveMQ and ServiceMix reports)
Date Sat, 18 Mar 2006 08:03:37 GMT

On Sat, 18 Mar 2006, James Strachan wrote:

> BTW we are currently calling all the artifacts incubator-activemq-*,
> the jars are all called incubator-activemq*.jar, we include
> disclaimers in the distro highlighting the incubator status and also
> include these inside the manifests of the jars. So its very clear I
> think to any would-be-user that the code is in the incubator - unless
> you can think of something else we can do?
> So it seems our options for working with Geronimo while ActiveMQ is
> under incubation are
> (i)  don't use the incubator code, but fork it elsewhere (say to
> codehaus) and make releases there if Geronimo needs bug fixes
> (ii) Geronimo use incubator release candidate releases
> (iii) ActiveMQ performs actual releases that Geronimo can depend on
> and use but put sufficient warnings in the jars that these are still
> in the incubator
> Would you prefer us to follow option (i)? I guess (ii) might be a good
> compromise given the circumstances?

+1 to (iii). I see no reason why a project in the Incubator that has been 
making releases prior to joining the Incubator cannot continue to make 
those releases. It's damaging to the community we are trying to incubate 
to suddenly stop their momentum and leave their users in the lurch.

To do that it definitely needs to have passed some of the checks on the 
STATUS page. The one that springs to mind is the legal one - it must be 
legally distributable from the ASF.

It needs to ship with incubator comments (see Roller releases - which due 
to not being legally distributable is doing your (i) option). Having a 
name of incubator-activemq seems fine - with a maven2 groupId of 

On Leo's suggestion that in the incubator there are RC releases and it 
only goes final when it leaves - I don't think that will help anybody. If 
the mentors and the Incubator PMC believe that the piece of software being 
released is production quality - it should be released. Incubation is 
about the community education and growth - and making sure the code is 
legally distributable; but not the quality of the code.


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