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From Erik Abele <>
Subject Re: Process for becoming a mentor
Date Wed, 22 Mar 2006 22:05:27 GMT
On 22.03.2006, at 18:01, Jason van Zyl wrote:

> Hi,
> Just poking around the incubator site and I see a responsibilities  
> page for Mentors which is good but I don't see any criteria for  
> being a mentor. But I think starting with three simple ones would  
> be a start:
> 1) Active interest in the project being mentored

This makes obviously sense but...

> 2) Commitment to future involvement
> 3) Discussion with the project to see if there is a good fit and  
> get the buy in of the folks on the project

...these two don't - furthermore I don't see any value in more and  
more policies and criteria in this case.

> With those ideas in mind there are three projects would like to  
> mentor: OpenEJB, ODE, and ActiveMQ.
> OpenEJB:
> 1) I don't use J2EE but I have helped with the conversion of  
> OpenEJB to Maven2 and it's an interesting build problem given how  
> it works with Geronimo.
> 2) I will help with the Maven2 build in the future and might  
> actually use OpenEJB v3 when it's decoupled from Geronimo :-)
> 3) I've talked to David Blevins and he interested
> ODE:
> 1) I've started trying to integrate ODE into some applications I'm  
> developing
> 2) I would like to throw away all the workflow engines I've half  
> started and use ODE for many of the Maven-centric applications  
> which require management of development processes
> 3) I've talked briefly with James but would like some agreement  
> from the other ODE folks whom I've never met
> ActiveMQ:
> 1) ActiveMQ has been integrated into a distributed version of  
> Continuum (thanks to the GBuild project in Geronimo)
> 2) ActiveMQ will continue to be used in Continuum and I am actively  
> trying to move the GBuild code into Continuum proper  now so there  
> will be a long term relationship there
> 3) I've talked to James and Hiram and they are interested

Hmmm, although I think we should basically welcome any new mentors  
with open arms, the above description sounds more like a committer  
than a mentor.

Are you really sure that you understand the tasks and  
responsibilities of a mentor? 

> At any rate I would like to be a mentor for these projects so what  
> do I do from here? I think it's important that mentor's justify  
> their position and I think have done so above and so does the  
> Incubator PMC approve a mentor for a project?

Usually the sponsor or the podling by himself ask for any additional  
mentors (either in the proposal or later on); this then has to be  
ratified by the Incubator PMC (partly because the mentor will also  
become an Incubator PMC member).

An ASF member can also volunteer to be a mentor but IMHO we have to  
be very careful here that this doesn't get used as a short-track to  
committership - IMO a mentor shouldn't ever touch any podling code  
while wearing his mentor hat; this is totally different from being a  
committer. In the end it's solely the podlings decision so the  
Incubator PMC shouldn't impose any new committers...


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