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From Jason van Zyl <>
Subject Re: Process for becoming a mentor
Date Thu, 23 Mar 2006 13:36:19 GMT
Erik Abele wrote:
> On 22.03.2006, at 18:01, Jason van Zyl wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Just poking around the incubator site and I see a responsibilities 
>> page for Mentors which is good but I don't see any criteria for being 
>> a mentor. But I think starting with three simple ones would be a start:
>> 1) Active interest in the project being mentored
> This makes obviously sense but...
>> 2) Commitment to future involvement
>> 3) Discussion with the project to see if there is a good fit and get 
>> the buy in of the folks on the project
> ...these two don't - furthermore I don't see any value in more and more 
> policies and criteria in this case.

I respectfully disagree. I absolutely believe 2) is desirable if only as 
a matter of respect and courtesy but more importantly I think it can 
only make the incubation process easier. Whatever role the mentor might 
play I only see an upside to some dialog  with the project.

  As per 3) if  you look at the projects page I think you see mentors 
who are involved in the incubating project and plan to be involved past 
its incubation. The last project to graduate was JackRabbit which I 
believe will be successful because Roy was involved from the beginning, 
is active in the project and will continue to be I'm sure. ADF Faces and 
Cayenne look like good examples of this as well.

> Hmmm, although I think we should basically welcome any new mentors with 
> open arms, the above description sounds more like a committer than a 
> mentor.
> Are you really sure that you understand the tasks and responsibilities 
> of a mentor?

I think so, I've been here for 5-6 years and helped projects like OJB, 
Lucene and XmlRpc come to Apache though this was prior to the formation 
of the Incubator.

> Usually the sponsor or the podling by himself ask for any additional 
> mentors (either in the proposal or later on); this then has to be 
> ratified by the Incubator PMC (partly because the mentor will also 
> become an Incubator PMC member).

Cool, so this is the standard +1 from 3 people to approve a mentor for a 

> An ASF member can also volunteer to be a mentor but IMHO we have to be 
> very careful here that this doesn't get used as a short-track to 
> committership - 

Definitely agree here. It should probably be separated really. You can 
be a mentor but I don't see why that gives anyone commit privs. Mentor 
or not, if you haven't contributed any code then you're not a committer. 
This happened prior to the Incubator and I know I was listed as a 
committer on the projects I helped come to Apache but I wasn't a 
committer. I think that's easy to fix by applying rules for 
committership across board regardless of additional roles a person 
involved in the project might play.

> IMO a mentor shouldn't ever touch any podling code while
> wearing his mentor hat; this is totally different from being a 
> committer. In the end it's solely the podlings decision so the Incubator 
> PMC shouldn't impose any new committers...

I don't see why you can't be a committer and mentor. You say it's bad 
for a mentor to code but you don't say why. I definitely think the 
poddling should have the last say about who comes aboard whether it be 
committers or mentors.


> Cheers,
> Erik

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