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From Jason van Zyl <>
Subject Process for becoming a mentor
Date Wed, 22 Mar 2006 17:01:18 GMT

Just poking around the incubator site and I see a responsibilities page 
for Mentors which is good but I don't see any criteria for being a 
mentor. But I think starting with three simple ones would be a start:

1) Active interest in the project being mentored
2) Commitment to future involvement
3) Discussion with the project to see if there is a good fit and get the 
buy in of the folks on the project

With those ideas in mind there are three projects would like to mentor: 
OpenEJB, ODE, and ActiveMQ.

1) I don't use J2EE but I have helped with the conversion of OpenEJB to 
Maven2 and it's an interesting build problem given how it works with 
2) I will help with the Maven2 build in the future and might actually 
use OpenEJB v3 when it's decoupled from Geronimo :-)
3) I've talked to David Blevins and he interested

1) I've started trying to integrate ODE into some applications I'm 
2) I would like to throw away all the workflow engines I've half started 
and use ODE for many of the Maven-centric applications which require 
management of development processes
3) I've talked briefly with James but would like some agreement from the 
other ODE folks whom I've never met

1) ActiveMQ has been integrated into a distributed version of Continuum 
(thanks to the GBuild project in Geronimo)
2) ActiveMQ will continue to be used in Continuum and I am actively 
trying to move the GBuild code into Continuum proper  now so there will 
be a long term relationship there
3) I've talked to James and Hiram and they are interested

At any rate I would like to be a mentor for these projects so what do I 
do from here? I think it's important that mentor's justify their 
position and I think have done so above and so does the Incubator PMC 
approve a mentor for a project? I assume that's voted on like everything 
else but don't see that anywhere in the process of becoming a mentor.


Jason van Zyl

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