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From Geir Magnusson Jr <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Open JPA
Date Sat, 18 Mar 2006 20:04:00 GMT
Matt Hogstrom wrote:
> The conversation on OpenJPA has been quiet for about a week so I was 
> wondering if there are outstanding issues that need to be resolved or 
> this could be moved to a vote to accept the project and what the next 
> steps are.  I'm kind of excited to get it going.
> Geir, oh mighty mentor from the mountains, can you help us out there?

There was some press release problem related to this that I was hoping 
would go away...  we'll see...

Anyway, yes, I'll put it up for a formal vote.


> Matt
> Patrick Linskey wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Below is a proposal to incubate an Open JPA project at Apache. I've also
>> posted this at
>> Much thanks to Eddie O'Neil, Geir Magnusson, Brian McAllister, Dain
>> Sundstrum, and David Blevins for helping me put this proposal together.
>> -Patrick
>> <snip>
>> Patrick Linskey (plinskey at bea dot com) and Eddie O'Neil (ekoneil at
>> apache dot org)
>> Project Proposal
>> ================
>> Open JPA will be an ASL-licensed implementation of the Java Persistence
>> API
>> (JPA) which is defined as part of JSR-220.
>>>> Rationale
>> =========
>> We think that Open JPA is something that will benefit from wide
>> collaboration, being able to build a community of developers and
>> committers that outlive the founders, and that will be embraced by other
>> Apache efforts, such as the Geronimo project as part of an EJB 3.0
>> container. Given the existing momentum forming behind JPA even at this
>> early stage, we are confident that an industrial-grade ASL
>> implementation of JSR220 will attract a diverse community.
>> Criteria
>> ========
>> :Meritocracy:
>> The Open-JPA committers recognize the desirability of building software
>> as a
>> meritocracy and look forward to growing a healthy community of
>> developers to
>> enhance the JPA APIs.
>> :Community:
>> The proposed committer community is includes members of the BEA JPA
>> team and several individuals from the Apache community.
>> :Core Developers:
>> Fourteen of the initial committers are BEA employees. One of those is a
>> committer on the Apache JDO project. We anticipate that five of these
>> fourteen will be involved in the core code development, and the other
>> nine will be involved in documentation and ongoing QA for the project.
>> Three of the initial committers are committers on the Geronimo project.
>> Two are IBM employees involved in the WebSphere product team. One is
>> from Intel.
>> :Alignment:
>> Open JPA will be a candidate for use in Geronimo as the default JPA
>> implementation. Other projects that have general-purpose JPA needs may
>> be
>> users of the Open JPA project.
>> Open JPA has some level of alignment with the Apache DB project. In
>> particular, the Open JPA codebase already includes support for Derby
>> databases.
>> JPA is for use in any Java application, not just J2EE. Therefore, any
>> application that needs to do data persistence in the object/relational
>> style (including any application that currently uses Hibernate) will
>> benefit from Open JPA.
>> :License:
>> The existing codebase is owned by BEA and is subject to a proprietary
>> license.  The applicable code will be relicensed under the Apache
>> Software
>> License 2.0.
>> Avoiding the Warning Signs
>> ==========================
>> :Orphaned products:
>> Open JPA is a derivative of the basis of the BEA WebLogic Server (WLS)
>> EJB3 JPA implementation, and so is an important piece of the BEA code
>> base.
>> As this is a very eagerly anticipated specification for the Java
>> community,
>> we expect that this project will continue to grow and develop within its
>> own
>> community, and be embraced by other open source projects (such as
>> Geronimo)
>> as well.
>> :Inexperience with open source:
>> The authors of the existing code (who will be part of the initial
>> committer
>> list) have experience with open source development already, in both
>> professional and personal contexts. Examples: serp
>> ( (used in Kodo currently), sqlline and
>> jline
>> ( and (used
>> by
>> the Kodo development team, and used by the Apache JDO team), Growl
>> (
>> Four of the initial committers have extensive experience within the
>> Geronimo project, among other open-source projects.
>> :Homogeneous developers:
>> The members of the initial committer list have been working in a
>> distributed, multi-national, asynchronous environment for the last five
>> years, while working at SolarMetric. We had a team of up to 7 people
>> working
>> from 6 different locations over the course of the last five years.
>> :Reliance on Salaried Developers:
>> <Explain how the project can exist without relying on someone to pay the
>> committers working on it>
>> Most of the developers are paid by their employer to contribute to this
>> project, but given the anticipation from the Java community for the a
>> JPA
>> implementation and the committers' sense of ownership for the code, the
>> project would continue without issue if no salaried developers
>> contributed
>> to the project.
>> :No ties to other Apache products:
>> Open JPA will likely be used by Geronimo, requires some Apache products
>> (regexp, commons collections, commons lang, commons pool), and supports
>> Apache commons logging.
>> :A fascination with the Apache brand:
>> We think that Open JPA is something that will benefit from wide
>> collaboration, being able to build a community of developers and
>> committers
>> that outlive the founders, and that will be embraced by other Apache
>> efforts, such as the Geronimo project.
>> Scope of Subprojects
>> ====================
>> No subprojects proposed.
>> Initial Source
>> ==============
>> BEA Systems, Inc. will contribute the initial core source code for
>> implementing JPA.
>> ASF Resources to be Created
>> ===========================
>> Mailing lists:
>> open-jpa-dev@
>> open-jpa-commits@
>> open-jpa-ppmc@ (with moderated subscriptions) open-jpa-user@
>> SVN Repository:
>> JIRA:
>> Open-JPA (OPEN-JPA)
>> Initial Committers
>> ==================
>> Abe White (awhite at bea dot com)
>> Marc Prud'hommeaux (mprudhom at bea dot com)
>> Patrick Linskey (plinskey at bea dot com)
>> Pinaki Poddar (pinaki dot poddar at bea dot com)
>> Steve Kim (stkim at bea dot com)
>> Seetharam Param (sparam at bea dot com)
>> Reena Mathew (rmathew at bea dot com)
>> Jacob Thomas (jthomas at bea dot com)
>> Ajay Prabhu (aprabhu at bea dot com)
>> Sathish Santhanam (sathish at bea dot com)
>> Maruthi Nuthikattu (maruthi at bea dot com)
>> Anurag Bahl (abahl at bea dot com)
>> Mihir Kulkarni (mihirk at bea dot com)
>> Srinivasa Segu (srinivasa dot segu at bea dot com)
>> Greg Campbell (gcamp at yjsinc dot com)
>> Eric Lindauer (e_lindauer at yahoo dot com)
>> Gianny Damour (gianny dot damour at optusnet dot com dot au)
>> Matt Hogstrom (matt at hogstrom dot org)
>> David Jencks (djencks at apache dot org)
>> Kevin Sutter (kwsutter at gmail dot com)
>> David Wisneski (wisneskid at gmail dot com)
>> Geir Magnusson Jr (geirm at apache dot org)
>> Sponsor
>> ==============
>> We kindly request the Incubator PMC to accept sponsorship for this
>> proposal.
>> Champion
>> ===============
>> Geir Magnusson, Jr. (geirm at apache dot org)
>> Mentors
>> =======
>> Eddie O'Neil (ekoneil at apache dot org)
>> Brian McAllister (brianm at apache dot org)
>> Geir Magnusson, Jr. (geirm at apache dot org)
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