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From Guillaume Nodet <>
Subject Re: Non-final materials in final ASF materials
Date Fri, 17 Mar 2006 17:36:13 GMT

Leo Simons wrote:

>The policy is (supposed to be) a codification of that general rule. Using keywords
>such as "alpha", "beta", "milestone", "release candidate" and the like is another
>way that we tend to use to accomplish the same thing -- get people to test drive
>our stuff but only deploy in production at their own risk.
>At least IMNSHO.
>Without knowing much about it, I suspect that in the ActiveMQ case, there should
>be a bunch of release candidates ASAP (from the incubator following those
>processes) and then the "final" release should not be released from the incubator,
>since otherwise you don't reach the goal of not having end users using incubated
>stuff in production.
I am quite new at Apache, but from my understanding, the incubation process
as nothing to do with the quality of the releases the incubated project 
It has mainly to do with the ASF endorsing the project (though I do not have
a clear understanding of what it really means...)
In the case of ServiceMix (and ActiveMQ), the trunk is much more stable 
the previous non Apache releases at Codehaus.  So I do not see the fact 
the project is in incubation as a problem to put it in production.

Doing only milestones may be good for new projects, but for projects 
that do
have a huge user community, not being able to do releases can be a problem
-- what about bugfix releases on previous versions ?  Such projects may 
be in
need of "real" releases, even if incubating (and thus, non endorsed by 
the ASF).

Back to Geronimo, when I first posted the mail on the ServiceMix dev 
list about
re-integrating ServiceMix in Geronimo, it was not meant to be in the 
next planned
release (1.1) but rather in the trunk, so that we can start working on 
the integration
issues.  It seems that this point has been cleared now :)

Guillaume Nodet

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