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From "Thomas Dudziak" <>
Subject Re: Thoughts on Umbrellas, Federations, and Communication
Date Thu, 09 Mar 2006 08:53:07 GMT
On 3/9/06, Niclas Hedhman <> wrote:

> I think that if we acknowledge that a community as a group of peers, working
> towards a common goal, then that would derive umbrellas from projects where
> there are distinctions of authority (and therefor work) within that
> community's codebase. I.e. either I am a committer on project X, or I am not.

Exactly. This is what for instance calls communities. There,
every project is a TLP, but they form communities together with
seperate mailing lists/forums etc. Of course, they have less structure
and oversight, so they get away with this more easily.

> Now, that would break things up such as WS and DB, but in reality it is
> already happening, and the umbrella project becomes the federation of
> ontology. IMHO, the model is weak. I think we should strive for individual
> projects, no subprojects from a community perspective, and instead look for
> how to solve collaboration across projects, whether they are tightly coupled
> or not (technology wise), meaning an orthogonal collaboration view of ASF,
> which would guide external users as well, since project X can belong to many
> such views if it makes sense.

Interestingly, DB is already more of a community than an umbrella
project. I can't speak for WS or XML but I could imagine that the same
is true for them. To some degree, this is even true for Jakarta.
And there is a case for sub-projects as well, e.g. for projects that
are too small to be self-governing  and that perhaps have a shared set
of developers and even goals (e.g. like the Jakarta commons


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