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From "robert burrell donkin" <>
Subject IP clearance process
Date Sat, 25 Feb 2006 15:17:23 GMT
AFAIK importing an external codebase into an existing project is
covered in just two documents:

if anyone knows of anywhere else this information is covered, please
post a link.

IMO the current documentation is little short of practical guidelines
to the process. so, i'd like to add some more information.

here's my understanding of the current process (with a few questions
mixed in) please jump in with corrections for any misunderstandings...

1 software grants need to be physically received by jim (either FAX'd or post'd)
 (i) this form needs to reference the software covered. a check sum is
one way to do this.
 (ii) an official entry will be added to foundation/grants.txt
whenever a grant form is received by jim
 (iii) there's a section in grants.txt about registering:
    a) do projects need to add an entry to this?
    b) if so, does this need to be before the form is sent?
    c) any particular format required (or just somthing reasonable)?

2 the IP Clearence form needs to be created
 (i) Does this need to wait until the grant is on file?

3 incubator pmc notification: once the IP clearence document is
completely filled out and prior to checking in the donated codebase,
an email needs to be sent to the general list at incubator so that the
incubator can approve the import.
 (i) is this a VOTE? or just a NOTICE? or some other process?

4 the codebase can now be checked into a ASF repository.
 (i) if the archived codebase is referred to by a checksum in the
grant document, the archived should be checked into the repository
   (a) any guidelines about where this should happen? (an incubator
repository feels like the right place to me)
 (ii) should the incubator url be included in the initial source commit message?

- robert

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