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From Ted Leung <>
Subject Initial draft of committer policy
Date Fri, 17 Feb 2006 01:39:58 GMT
Hi all,

We are getting to the point of needing to grant commit privileges for  
some of the projects at OSAF.  This is a first cut  at describing how  
the process should work for code committers.   In the future we will  
probably extend this notion to design contributors as well, but we  
are still trying to figure out what that means.   What you see here  
is similar to the process used by Apache and many other large open  
source projects.

As usual questions, comments, critiques and other feedback are very  


Participants in OSAF projects can take on a number of roles

Users are people that use our software.  We hope that they will  
contribute to the project they use by reporting bugs and making  
erquests for features.  We also hope that they will become part of  
the project community, by helping other users and telling other  
people about our software

Contributors are people who contribute to one ofthe projects via  
design, code,  documentation, or testing.   Contributors are active  
participants in the project mailing lists and provide design ideas,  
code changes, or documentation changes.

Code contributors may also become committers - They have write access  
to the source code repository, and have signed a Contributor License  
Agreement (CLA).

* Becoming a committer

If a code contributor has contributed a significant number of high- 
quality patches, is interested in continuing to contribute to the  
project, and has demonstrated the ability to work well with other  
contributors, then an existing committer may propose granting that  
contributor commit access.

Discussion of a potential new committer will initially take place in  
private (at the moment we have no private lists for this purpose).   
After this initial vetting discussion, the actual vote can occur on  
the project's public developer list.  This practice of a private  
discussion followed by a public, pro-forma vote is a <a href="http://">best practice</a>  
adopted from the Apache Software Foundation.  Only votes cast by  
existing committers are binding.

After the new committer has been voted in, they must sign a  
Contributor License Agreement (CLA).  Once this document is on file,  
the IT Staff at OSAF will create the necessary accounts, etc.

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