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From "Thomas Dudziak" <>
Subject Re: Cayenne ASF Proposal
Date Sat, 25 Feb 2006 21:25:26 GMT
On 2/25/06, Brian McCallister <> wrote:
> Andrus and Bill initially opened discussion on general@db. I
> suggested they aim for a top level project status for a few reasons:
> * Cayenne already has an mature ASF-style structure and community
> (reportedly =)
> * There are ~subprojects (the gui tool, etc) in Cayenne, and sub-sub-
> projects seem to be frowned upon
> * DB is getting kind of umbrella shaped already
> That said, I am very willing to broach the subject of sponsorship
> with the DB PMC, I just figure the discussion of the best way to
> proceed makes more sense here. I think that Cayenne would prefer to
> be a top level project, in the end, and I agree with that goal. The
> best way to help that happen... well, we're discussing all that =)

Personally, I'd prefer to have Cayenne in DB rather than as a separate
TLP, mainly for communication reasons with DB-related projects. E.g. I
don't see that much communication between the DB projects and, say,
iBatis or the Geronimo DB stuff (thuogh that might be because I'm not
actively involved in all DB projects). And IMO DB being an umbrella is
quite a different thing than for instance Jakarta, though that's
another issue.

That being said, whether Cayenne will be a TLP or a DB subproject is
not important until it graduates from incubation, right ? And I'm +1
on incubating it with the DB PMC as sponsor.


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