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From Yoav Shapira <>
Subject Re: OFBiz Marketing and Services
Date Thu, 19 Jan 2006 17:57:51 GMT
IMHO, as long as no one provider is preferred over another, the
current stuff is not a problem.  If you list one provider of
commercial services related to Apache Foo, you should list other
competing providers if/when they request to be listed on the same


On 1/19/06, Al Byers <> wrote:
> J Aaron,
> As one of the committers, I would have no problem have any reference to my
> company removed, if that is necessary for the process to continue.
> But I wonder if there is not a bigger aspect to this whole thing. I see your
> remarks about ASF encouraging commercial efforts, but OFBiz is significantly
> different in this regard. As has been mentioned earlier, up until this time
> ASF products have mostly been "tool" oriented. With OFBiz, ASF will be
> offering a product that is ready for businesses to plug in with very little
> effort - adding a huge new market for its services. No longer need its
> client-base be programmers only. Of course, I want to also restate that
> OFBiz is both a programming framework and set of end-user modules.
> The big service that ASF offers is to provide quality tools and products for
> free. This is very important for small businesses and developing economies.
> With OFBiz, it would be greatly expanding its value to these sectors and I
> wonder if some good PR could come of it - if ASF makes an announcement that
> it is moving to more directly benefit SMB/Es, etc.
> -Al Byers

Yoav Shapira
System Design and Management Fellow
MIT Sloan School of Management
Cambridge, MA, USA /

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