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From J Aaron Farr <>
Subject Re: [RANT] Mission of the incubator
Date Fri, 27 Jan 2006 16:40:51 GMT
On 1/27/06, Sam Ruby <> wrote:

> What I DO care more about is communities and the people that make them
> up.  As I have come to believe that tasks assigned to many are
> effectively assigned to nobody, I would prefer that there be either a
> single or primary mentor for Kabuki.  And frankly, I believe that Andy
> is the best person for that job.

I don't want to distract to any of the other content in Sam's rant,
which is great by the way, but I want to revisit this idea of the role
of a mentor.  There's been one or two other threads on this [1] and
it's something I want to clarify.

The current docs refer to a single mentor.  The current practice is to
have several.  Even the Kabuki proposal as written has 4 mentors
listed.  There was a vote recently in which many people supported the
notion that there should be 3 mentors for any proposal.

Now I agree with Sam that having more than one mentor can easily mean
having no mentor.  This is why I think there's some confusion around
the role of mentor and the intent of having more than one.  My
impression is that the intent is to show that there is reasonable
support from ASF membership, ie- three members have volunteered their
support.  Whereas the actual role of mentor is not about showing
support but about oversight and guidance.

My point is, I think we need to clarify the role of mentor and perhaps
champion.  I really have no strong feeling about how many we should
have or any hard requirements.  I'd rather just see clarification so
that the incubation process is less confusing.



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