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From J Aaron Farr <>
Subject Re: OFBiz Marketing and Services
Date Thu, 19 Jan 2006 18:30:39 GMT
On 1/19/06, Al Byers <> wrote:
> J Aaron,
> As one of the committers, I would have no problem have any reference to my
> company removed, if that is necessary for the process to continue.

Well, the references don't necessarily have to be removed.  Other ASF
projects provide links to companies providing support and services. 
For example:



It's more a matter of how the references are handled.  For example,
Apache has not required fees in order for these links to be provided. 
Also, when looking at an Apache project website, there's a fairly
clear distinction between the open source project and any commercial
entities which might be offering services.  Not that such a
distinction is absent at, but my impression is the
seperation is wider for ASF projects.

These issues can be sorted out during incubation (that's what it's
for).  I'm bringing it up now to get a better understanding of what
the team's plan is and to see if there's an understanding that
incubation might require some changes in approach.

> But I wonder if there is not a bigger aspect to this whole thing. I see your
> remarks about ASF encouraging commercial efforts, but OFBiz is significantly
> different in this regard. As has been mentioned earlier, up until this time
> ASF products have mostly been "tool" oriented. With OFBiz, ASF will be
> offering a product that is ready for businesses to plug in with very little
> effort - adding a huge new market for its services. No longer need its
> client-base be programmers only. Of course, I want to also restate that
> OFBiz is both a programming framework and set of end-user modules.

Perhaps the closest existing analogy is Apache Lenya which can be
installed as a more "end-user" application.

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