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From "Jean T. Anderson" <>
Subject Re: [doc] "Getting Started in the Incubator" topic
Date Tue, 24 Jan 2006 04:26:00 GMT
Martin Sebor wrote:
> Jean T. Anderson wrote: 
>> Jean T. Anderson wrote:
>> I initialized a page for new committers here and will incorporate 
>> feedback as it gets posted:
> Just a few minor nits :)
> The name of the commits list is typically -commits (plural). I would
> also suggest to prepend a hyphen to the generic names of the lists,
> i.e.,
>   "Subscribe to the -user, -dev, and -commits lists for your project."

OK -- thanks for the suggestion.

> In this sentence
>   "Become aware of what else is going on in the Incubator by subscribing
>   to the general at list."
> the "general at" is a link but not the mailto:
> kind implied by the text. I suggest to change the text so as not
> to imply the mailto: kind of a link (along the same lines as the
> community, infrastructure, and legal-discuss lists in the bullet
> below). Ditto in the Questions section.

I changed that text to read "the Incubator's general list", leaving the 
link to

> Btw., I'm curious if there is a recommended convention for the use
> of email addresses on our Web pages: should they be obfuscated like
> the one above or is it okay to use the actual email address?

I was just following the style at . There 
may be a specific recommendation buried somewhere in the posts.

> Also, I noticed a typo here:
> "signicant" should read "significant."

I added a reminder to INCUBATOR-4, which proposes modifications to that 

thanks for the feedback,


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