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From "Jean T. Anderson" <>
Subject [doc] "Getting Started in the Incubator" topic
Date Wed, 18 Jan 2006 03:33:56 GMT
Here's another starter installment for the "Incubator Guidelines 
Documentation" project Noel posted at

Several times during derby's incubation I felt disoriented because while 
there's a lot of info on the incubator site, I didn't seem to always 
find what I needed as a completely new podling committer.

Below is a first shot at providing a succinct Getting Started that 
points complete newbies to resources already on the incubator site and 
fills in a few holes.

For those of you currently in incubation, does this help? Or would it 
have helped when you first started.  :-)  What more would help?

Getting Started: Podling Committer
Welcome! Your general committer role is described at 
, but here's more information to help you get started.

(1) Mailing lists

     - Subscribe to the user, dev, and commit lists for your project.

     - Become aware of what else is going on in the Incubator by
       subscribing to the list described at

     - Become aware of what else is going on at the ASF by
       subscribing to the Apache-wide lists described at
       (Note: we should add legal-discuss@a.o to this list.)

(2) Project web site
     + How to get your project web site going is documented at
     + Post any questions to

(3) Committer Resources
     + Browse the pages at often.

     + Subscribe to, then raise awareness
       on your project on what goes on behind the scenes.

       Be proactive about responding to infrastructure issues on your
       project mailing lists. Does the web server seem to be down? Is
       Jira or Subversion down? Check the status at and report back to your list.

(4) Podling PMC (PPMC)
     If you are a member of your PPMC, become familiar with the
     Incubation Policy at .
     You'll likely participate in the following:
     + Update the podling status on the Incubator site:
     + Add new committers to your project:
     + Make sure that a quarterly report is submitted when the
       Incubator PMC Chair requests it.
end draft

OK, this is pretty thin so far, but should give the idea of what I'm 
shooting for.

I think this information should go in one of these places:

It shouldn't be buried deep in a subpage, nor should it be on a page 
that is already busy. 
is borderline too busy and covers more than this one role.

comments? feedback?



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