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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: The line between full incubation and IP clearance
Date Wed, 28 Dec 2005 21:23:28 GMT

> Is there a well-defined line between these two mechanisms for bringing new
> code to the ASF?

No, not a well-defined one.  The IP Clearance is primarily intended for use
with a relatively simple Software Grant situation into an existing project,
such as libtool, which we can contrast with mod_cli or mod_ftp.  And,
honestly, I think that we have made a few mistakes in the past by using the
simpler form when a fuller incubation would have yielded a better result in
terms of community building around new code.

> I would expect the Oracle ADF Faces donation to be substantial,
> and include a framework that ties everything together. I would
> have thought that would have warranted full incubation

Is there community, or just code?  If a community comes with it, too, I
would certainly expect incubation, however, the e-mail you referenced says
(in part): "[after clearance,] the MyFaces committers treat the code as if
we wrote it ourselves", and I don't see any mention of a community coming,
too.  But here is a sample grey area: one or two committers absorbed into a
healthy community might be deemed acceptable, whereas a substantial number
of new ones might not.  So if you buy that argument, where do we draw the
line, and how do we address potential abuse?

> I'm new in Incubator-land, so I'm not altogether savvy about processes and
> procedures, but wanted to ask about this one.

It is a fine question.  Hypothetically, without judging the merits of this
submission, you raise the spectre of a type of situation that I'd want to
ward against as a general rule.

	--- Noel

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