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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: [RT] Super Simple Site Generation Tool
Date Sat, 31 Dec 2005 15:34:04 GMT
Mads Toftum wrote:

> I don't see much sophistication in the current site

Just the tabbed and menu navigation.  And some other little bits that no one
probably uses.

> the logo for Apachecon that finished more than two weeks ago

Fixed the next time that David regenerates the site.

> > Personally, I'd like to see if the Forrest folks can "redeem" the
> > product's reputation here, and make people happy in a timely manner.

> Incubator has been using Forrest for how long?

Since Nicola Ken first set it up here.  And that was way early for the
product, which was nowhere near mature, nor was the usage pattern.

> So how long do you want to go on with something that seems to
> generate a lot of annoyance with anyone but you and the forrest
> committers

It is comments like that which want me to give it a chance to correct its

Forrest's use here was probably premature, except that it was put into place
by one of its committers.  So there have been issues, certainly.  But David
has tried to put things right, and now we have other Forrest folks here,
since they can't get us onto their lists.  ;-)  And when David tried to
proactively talk about simplifying things, he got essentially NO feedback.
Feedback came later in the form of complaints.  And still, the Forrest folks
appear to be not only doing damage control, but working with Leo to provide
a nicer, simpler, cleaner workflow.  So if they believe that they can make
things simpler, why not?

	--- Noel

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