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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Starting a java specs project
Date Tue, 27 Dec 2005 23:50:19 GMT
On 12/28/05, Henri Yandell <> wrote:
> Yeah, I've forwarded this to general@jakarta as well so I can get
> feedback from both sides. The above meant 'the commons community way'
> rather than the exact people. ie) I'm expecting the original coders
> to, in most cases, still be maintaining and working on the code.


> ie) Keep them as a part of Jakarta Commons [the community development
> at Jakarta] or make a third component in Jakarta [along with Jakarta
> General, the conversation place] called Jakarta Specs.

+1 to a separate specs project at Jakarta that is its own area, but
follows the same practices of commons (and if possible, shares the
same committers set). I'd be happy to see this happen.

I'm not overly concerned about developing non-Java specs in the same
space. I don't see that there is a lot that those communities would
have in common with other specs communities (other than practices
which we could share). The only example I can think of currently is
stdcxx and that is certainly large enough for its own tlp.

> Or general@jakarta if the Incubator  wants to hear about it later
> rather than sooner ;)

Actually, I don't know why the incubator is involved at all. We're not
talking about starting anything new - code is moving from other places
(most of which has already had releases) and should be bringing people
with it.

Is there a concern that a community won't be formed? If that happened,
the code would still have to go back to the original projects anyway
as they need it. I think te worst case is that it becomes a set of
specs with no other interaction with parts of Jakarta - which is
exactly what we have now. I think the Jakarta PMC is equipped to deal
with it on its own.


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