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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: [RT] Super Simple Site Generation Tool
Date Sat, 31 Dec 2005 12:19:54 GMT
Noel J. Bergman wrote:
>>What shall we do then in incubator?  Any idea for a productive outcome?
> Either see what improvements we can get from Forrest, or convert to anakia
> and have a less sophisticated site.
> Personally, I'd like to see if the Forrest folks can "redeem" the product's
> reputation here, and make people happy in a timely manner.

I've been checking the archives.

In my opinion sticking with Forrest will be damaging to both parties unless:

- people here are willing to actually respond to Davids proposals (not 
necessarily agree, but at least respond)

- make feature requests for Forrest via our own lists and/or jira rather 
than on lists that we don't read

- use our user lists and docs in order to resolve problems they are 
having with the tool

If people here are willing to do the above (which is not anything other 
than the normal "Apache Way") then I would be +1 on sticking with 
Forrest (yes +1, as in I will be active *here* in incubator). However, I 
am still only one *volunteer*, as is David. We need other people to put 
in a little effort.

As for "redeeming" the product. As I said in an earlier post, we have 
taken the valid parts of the criticism here on board and are working on 
it (there has already been 2 doc improvements and one bug fix as a 
result of observations here, plus one proposal to make our ForrestBot 
functionality available durning "forrest run").

Will it be timeley? I don't know we are all volunteers. It will take as 
long as it takes.

If any of the above seems unreasonable then I am -1 on sticking with 


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