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From Geir Magnusson Jr <>
Subject Re: Starting a java specs project
Date Fri, 30 Dec 2005 21:47:13 GMT

Craig McClanahan wrote:

> Note that if a primary goal of this effort is to have a common repository of
> API jars (and that's certainly a worthy goal), it doesn't require a separate
> project to accomplish that -- simply a mechanism for cooperation on what
> repository to post API jars into.  (However, even there, we'd need to check
> licensing in each case whether the API jar can be published separately.)

This is an interesting question (the licensing one...) but only of issue 
if you were going to make a general offering of the jars as a separate 
thing.  What we're trying to avoid is for those projects that are doing 
compatible implementations, when people combine code from other 
projects, there are collisions.

One solution is to just have a community custom that only if you 
implement the spec do you create API jars.  However, this breaks when 
you consider that some projects - like Geronimo - offer two alternatives 
to the same thing - like Tomcat and jetty.

> For group (b), the latter consideration will also apply -- the API classes
> for a JSR are licensed as described in each individual JSR.

I do wonder about this.  I'd be interested in figuring out what aspects 
of copyright law apply to someone going here :

and doing an independent work creating interfaces and classes.  I didn't 
see any licenses so I assume that there must be a well-understood set of 
regulations that apply.

> If a primary goal of this effort is to encourage the development of a
> community interested in the general issues of implementing Java based
> standards (also a worthy goal), that's great ... but it does not seem to me
> that sharing API code is a prerequisite for accomplishing this.

The primary goal was simply to get rid of collisions.  We only need one 
set of these things for all projects....


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