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From Geir Magnusson Jr <>
Subject Re: [RT] Super Simple Site Generation Tool
Date Fri, 30 Dec 2005 05:19:18 GMT
I don't mean to beat a dead horse here, but this reminds me of the old 
joke :

Patient : "Doctor, my arm hurts when I life it like this..."
Doctor : "Don't lift it like that..."

I needed to "lift my arm".

I had a page that I didn't wish to have as part of the site (i.e. I 
didn't want the site to have a live link to it) but I wanted to change 
the content for anyone out there that still had a link (like Google!).

So I needed to modify and render a page that wasn't part of the formal 
site tree. The solution? After hours of beating my head against the 
wall, the solution was to Link something to it, render (go for 
coffee...), then change the link back, re-render (go for coffee...)

Oh, and since we're on this subject, one more thing - when running 
Forrest in local server mode, it **WILL** render things that aren't 
linked when you browse them.  IOW, letting forrest render everything to 
disk as a batch didn't fix my page because nothing linked to it. Running 
forrest and me hitting it on localhost with a browser *did* render it 
when I put the URL in. (And then it didn't write the rendered output to 
disk... Imagine my bafflement...)  So I think that you should choose one 
mode.  And it would be very useful if I had gotten a message in the 
online mode that said "you are looking at a resource that currently 
isn't linked to by any of the control documents" (or whatever) it would 
have saved *heaps* of time....


David Crossley wrote:
> Geir Magnusson Jr. wrote:
>>Tim Williams wrote:
>>>The Forrest project uses a tool called JIRA [1] so that users like you
>>>can add feedback/feature requests like this one.  Your request is much
>>>more likely to get addressed there than on the incubator mailing list.
>>For the next one, I'll do that.  For this one, I'll assume it's in  
>>safe and responsible hands.
> -David
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